Six Good Reasons to get a Property Inspection & Report


Are you and your family going to be safe in this house? Is it structurally sound, warm and well ventilated, is there fire risk, does the house have damp issues, is the original deck balustrading (which may have complied with NZS 3604 Building Code when the house was built) still going to prevent a fall hazard?

Structural Issues

Obviously you want your house to be structurally sound and certainly in the post-earthquake Christchurch area there are still houses with structural issues. Structural repairs are usually expensive and need to be identified pre-purchase.

Predicting Maintenance Issues & Costs

Whether it’s cleaning the gutters twice a year, keeping the garden from growing shoots up behind the weatherboards or the cost of scaffolding a two storey weatherboard house to paint it every 10 years, these are issues that you need to know about.


We do our best provide you with our technical objectivity. We are colour blind to cute cottages and wonderful views! What are you really buying?

Peace Of Mind

You are about to make a huge investment. You have talked to your partner, real estate agent, your lawyer, and probably your bank – don’t forget to talk to us as well..! It may be the most important conversation you have.


This small investment in one of your Property Reports will almost certainly be recovered in either actual dollars or the knowledge this information provides.

$565 + GST for our standard report which covers an avereage sized house.

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