Our Services

1. Pre-purchase Property Inspections

This is our standard report and is a comprehensive inspection of your property. Please the FAQ's page for detail about what this report covers.

$565 + GST for an average sized home.

2. Contour Mapping

We can give a general indication of floor levels along with measurements (mm per metre) with our standard report. However, when repairs are required, a full 'contour map' is often asked for by engineers or insurance companies, before deciding on their repair strategy. For contour mapping we accurately measure the spot levels (at least) each corner of every room, as well as the centre of the room, throughout the house, upstairs and down. We then map these out on a floor plan which is generally supplied by the owner.

$565 + GST for an average sized home.

3. Moisture Testing

There is no extra charge for this as, if we think that is is required, we will do it as part of our standard pre-purchase Property Report.

We use the German made Trotec T660 non-invasive moisture meter to scan (using capacitance) up to 40mm deep into a wall. We find this ideal for locating moisture in the walls of homes, buildings and apartments. Concrete, Gib-board, timber etc.

4. Meth Testing

There can sometimes be signs to look for that a previous occupant may have been 'cooking' meth, and if we note these we will strongly recommend testing. However it is not always obvious and so many rental property owners are opting to test at each change of tenancy as a standard procedure.

$205 + GST for an average sized home.

5. Property Rebuild Valuations

Is your property under-insured? We can give indicative construction values for the various elements of your home. The main house, garage, decks, driveways and retaining walls all have accepted meter rates attached to them depending on the build specification, the difficulty of site and location etc.

We find most people are under-insured and are constantly surprised when told how much their house will cost to rebuild.

$565 + GST for an average sized home.

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