Our Services

1. Pre-purchase Property Inspections

This is a comprehensive inspection of the property, followed by a written report on its condition. Please see the FAQ's page for detail about what this report covers.

$587 + GST for an average sized home.

2. Contour Mapping

I usually give a general indication of floor levels, based on the age of the house. However, if repairs are needed, a full 'contour map' is often asked for by engineers or insurance companies, before deciding on their repair strategy. For contour mapping I accurately measure the spot levels at each corner, and the centre of every room throughout the house. I then map these out on a floor plan which is generally supplied by the owner.

$587 + GST for an average sized home.

3. Moisture Testing

If I see water staining, peeling paintwork, swollen timber, rotten cladding, defective flashings, or other signs indicating the possible presence of moisture, I will do non-invasive testing as part of my standard pre-purchase Property Report at no extra charge. For this I use I use a German made Trotec T660 moisture meter (capacitance type) which scans 40mm into a wall. I find this ideal for indicating the possible presence of moisture.

To be absolutely certain of the cause of elevated moisture levels, invasive methods may be necessary. This may include the removal of wall linings for instance. In these cases I will use a different type of meter - a Trotec T510, which is a 'pin' type meter and measures the actual percentage of moisture between the pins. I charge extra for invasive testing and that would need to be discussed in advance.

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